Using The Power of Digital Marketing To Sell A Business

Brilliant Blue’s first ever client was Smart Boating, a yacht-charter and syndicate boat ownership business located on the stunning waters of Pittwater

Smart Boating’s then owner, David Biddle, initially met Brilliant Blue founder, Deb Jeffreys, as a Smart Boating client, and the timing couldn’t have been better.

“I’d tried all the traditional forms of marketing,” says David, “and we just weren’t getting the results we needed”.

“I’d tried advertising in directories, boating industry magazines, local press and trade advertising. I even went on Kochie’s “My Business” TV show, which helped raise awareness of the business, but because it wasn’t location specific, only a fraction of the leads it delivered were ever going to convert.”

“But as soon as I met Deb Jeffreys and I saw how she had grown her own Veterinary business using online marketing, I realised Brilliant Blue could deliver the results we needed.”

Understanding our target market

The very first step of building the Smart Boating website was to clearly define the target market.

“Deb impressed us right from the start with the research she’d done” said David. “She understood our target market and immediately came up with a clear strategy to have two linked but separate websites.”

One of Smart Boating’s websites focuses on traditional charter catamaran and yacht hiring, targeting clients who are looking for family holidays, romantic weekends away, corporate entertaining & events, celebrating special events or just wanting to get a taste of life on water.

The second website promoted a fairly new concept that Smart Boating helped to pioneer in Australia: syndicated charter yacht ownership. This revolutionary approach afforded potential boat owners a cost effective, logical way to own their own boat and go sailing on a regular basis, by buying a share of a yacht.

“Deb really took the time to understand the types of clientele and the areas of service, structuring our homepage and websites to appeal to all of our clients, and clearly outlining the areas of service that they might be looking for.”

“And rather than trying to have one website that does everything, the dual site approach allowed us to specifically target our two different markets.”

Delivering way above expectations

“Once Deb had defined our target markets she clearly explained the importance of clear and compelling content…

…but best of all, she wrote the content for us!

“We were delighted with Brilliant Blue’s service during and after the website builds, which included content (as all Brilliant Blue’s website builds do), website structure, design and SEO.”

Almost straight away, the impact that Brilliant Blue’s digital marketing had on the growth of Smart Boating was clearly evident. 

Their SEO ranking rose quickly, with Brilliant Blue filling the website with compelling content and dealing with the technical side of SEO to achieve excellent organic search results.

“Brilliant Blue’s digital marketing was instrumental in the growth of the business. The conversion rate of the website is now extremely high. Boating websites traditionally have a low conversion rate, so it’s really important that when someone lands on your website it keeps them there.

“For Smart Boating,” says David Biddle, “Brilliant Blue has delivered above and beyond in each and every aspect of service, return on investment and delivering results. Over 90% of our clients now come from our website!”

An ongoing partnership

As the Smart Boating business expanded, Brilliant Blue ensured their websites continued to evolve and adapt to their needs.

We provided additional services, such as creating online booking systems that made it easier and faster for clients and syndicate owners to make reservations thus reducing the time Smart Boating staff needed to spend on the phone.

Brilliant Blue’s ongoing strategy to drive traffic to Smart Boating’s website and improve and maintain their Google SEO ranking, included clever use of remarketing, a highly cost effective form of digital advertising that delivers outstanding results.

And even though the Smart Boating website is now due for a visual update, it continues to deliver a steady stream of warmed up leads because:

  •         It clearly identifies its target markets,
  •         It is filled with clear and compelling content, and
  •         It cleverly uses SEO and remarketing to deliver organic search results

In fact, the ongoing partnership between Smart Boating and Brilliant Blue has been so successful when David decided to sell Smart Boating in 2015 it was Brilliant Blue who ended up creating a unique way of doing it.

Using the power of digital marketing to sell a business

“When I decided it was time to look for fresh challenges and sell Smart Boating, I began by taking the traditional route of finding a business broker,” says David. “But I quickly discovered they had no real understanding of my business, they dramatically undervalued what I knew Smart Boating was worth and they unenthusiastically informed me it would take at least a year to sell. They also wanted a 10% cut. There had to be a better way.

“So when I mentioned this all to Deb, yet again Brilliant Blue came up with a fresh and dynamic approach – why not let us create a website for you to sell Smart Boating yourself?”

Smart Boating’s for sale website went live in the middle of August and it immediately attracted plenty of interest.

Feedback from potential buyers was how refreshing it was to see a business advertised with all the necessary information by someone that clearly understood the business.

The Smart Boating for sale website included detailed information about:

  •         different parts of the business and income streams
  •         location, staffing, assets, leases
  •         opportunities for growth
  •         a downloadable preliminary non-disclosure agreement

Of the twenty non-disclosure agreements that were sent out, twelve potential buyers emerged and three genuine offers were made. Incredibly, Smart Boating was sold at TWICE THE PRICE the business broker said he could achieve, within FOUR SHORT MONTHS of the Smart Boating for sale website going live!

One of the main tools Brilliant Blue used to achieve this was remarketing.

“One of the syndicate owners, who is a Jetstar pilot, rang me up and said how can you afford to advertise on the Qantas website?” says David. “Another asked me, ‘Who is doing your marketing? They are fantastic!’

“Neither realised it was Brilliant Blue’s use of remarketing that made my for sale website keep appearing all over the internet—it is such a powerful tool.”

Exciting new opportunities

Not only does Smart Boating remain a valued client of Brilliant Blue to this day, but David Biddle was so impressed with how instrumental Brilliant Blue has been in both the growth and sale of Smart Boating that he has now joined Deb Jeffreys as a partner in the business.

And with a creative background in commercial photography; an understanding of the corporate world through running an events management company; and his experience growing the Smart Boating business, David brings a wealth of experience and creativity to the Brilliant Blue team.

“I appreciate great design, understand first-hand the power of compelling content and I like things to be efficient. I understand the strategy and challenges of business owners and love solving client’s problems with outstanding digital solutions.”

Having already worked together for years, both Deb and David are excited by the opportunities that lie ahead.

And as well as continuing to build their established client base which is largely professional service businesses, having witnessed the success of a website to sell Smart Boating, they are now creating new opportunities for clients to sell their own businesses and homes via their own bespoke ‘For Sale’ website.

Contact us now if you would like a website to sell your business.

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