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Brand Consistency & A Robust Digital Strategy

Increased focus on digital

Referral and word of mouth marketing for architecture and construction companies worked perfectly well for a long time. But the digital transformation in the construction industry is relentless and young professionals are relying on search engines to give them instant results.

So, gone are the days of word of mouth. Your construction business simply has to adapt to come out on top nowadays.

Businesses that invest in a robust digital strategy build consistent brand trust and appear in the search results.

Those that don’t get left behind.

We are proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with a wide range of architect and construction clients to build brand trust, expand their reach and educate their markets.

We understand the challenges

The online space for architects and construction professionals is crowded, and we know how frustrating it can be to make your voice heard.

Many of our architecture and construction clients have come to us with websites and digital marketing plans that do not connect well with their audience and are plagued by inconsistent content that does nothing for their brands. Their target markets do not fully trust their brands, which comes down to an ineffective brand strategy.

By having a deep understanding of these challenges for our architect and construction clients, we are able to refine a strategic digital business solution that builds a consistent and trusting brand and helps their business rank in search engines.

“What I found with Brilliant Digital is that they really fit the bill in all areas. Brilliant Digital not only knew how to create a real strategy around our marketing, but also how to execute that.” (Daniel Caruana, Danrae Groups CEO)

Trust our strategic expertise

Our years in the game mean we can accurately identify your unique value proposition and tell your audience exactly how you solve their problems. We do this through the powerful art of brand storytelling and value articulation.

Our highly skilled content creators know how to synthesise complex messages into cohesive copy that your target audience will easily understand.

By using your website to bring your team forward, we give your business a face – one that your audience can connect with and trust.

We’re skilled in creating a stream of on-brand constant messaging through a robust digital marketing plan that will bring sustained results for your business.

Our approach to your digital advertising is extremely strategic. We consider each avenue and advertising platform carefully and decide on the perfect combination of advertising solutions to give you the best return on your investment.

You can trust us to optimally channel each penny you spend on advertising to get you the best reach and leads straight to your inbox.

Our strategic expertise in the digital space means you’ll get the best, custom fit digital solution in digital marketing and integrated software to bring you sustained growth and brand trust.

How we work with you

First, we discover your existing brand and get to the core of your business. Where possible, we conduct an on-site visit to your office or construction site and seek to truly understand your processes, software systems and your business direction.

From there we determine a strategic roadmap to capitalise on the perfect mix of digital marketing solutions that will grow your digital brand and grow your top line.

We build you a website that incorporates a bulletproof strategic brand strategy, which builds trust. Our team of content producers are masters at the art of SEO. We optimise all your content to achieve consistent messaging across all your platforms.

Once your digital brand is cemented, we implement a custom digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Our detailed data analysis and continuous reporting then allow you to make strategic business decisions based on concrete facts.

We can work with you to choose software solutions (including booking systems and apps) and ERP systems that are market-led and seamlessly integrate through your entire business for increased efficiency and top line growth.

“We really feel that the end product was just at such a high standard. It’s really crisp, really clean, and it’s gone from scope all the way to that delivery piece. It’s been quality all the way.”  (Janelle Dixon, Facilities First General Manager)

A long-term partnership

We are incredibly proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with clients in the architecture and construction sectors.

Our experts in digital marketing, content creation and SEO work continuously behind the scenes to increase your digital reach and create content that builds trust between you and your customers.

By placing your digital brand in our capable hands, you can continue running your business while we strategically manage your marketing and deliver long-term sustained growth.

“Brilliant Digital have become partners; they feel like part of our business now. I think back to when we were trying to delegate blogs amongst ourselves in our spare time, thinking we were saving money. Nope. I’d never go back. It’s taken an enormous amount of stress and pressure off me.” (Brett Churcher, Playoust Churcher Architects Managing Director)

Are you ready to work with us on achieving a tailored digital business solution to grow your digital brand? Contact us today.

Our building & construction clients

Over the years, our building and construction clients have seen extraordinary results from our robust digital marketing strategy and solid digital advertising plan... bringing qualified leads to their doorstep. View our work for our building, construction and architecture clients here.

A new strategy for Playoust Churcher Architects

The team at Playoust Churcher Architects were managing their own website and marketing with little result. Enter Brilliant Digital and the weight of digital marketing for this architecture firm was lifted from their shoulders… and the results soon followed.

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Digital marketing for a construction company is all in a day’s work for us at Brilliant Digital… as our client, Danrae, discovered with their new website and robust digital marketing strategy that has taken the brand from strength to strength.

Branding and digital marketing solutions done by experts

We partner with successful companies in architecture and construction to deliver branding and digital marketing solutions that deliver sustained business growth. Our solutions are robust, tailored to your business… and the results speak for themselves.

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