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Your digital home is in the best of hands.

You won’t find many website and digital marketing agencies who can put their hand over their heart and promise you a website within six weeks… and that’s what makes Brilliant Digital so special.

Within just six weeks we will build you a complete website full of content and images, backed by a solid brand strategy and optimised for Google. We build you a robust and professional website that will be your digital home for many years to come. How do we know? Because that’s exactly what we’ve done for hundreds of clients.

Brilliant Digital process

Brilliant Digital process

Over more than a decade we have honed a process that delivers exceptional websites… and results. Backed by a team of amazing digital marketers, writers, strategists, designers and developers your digital home is in the best of hands.

Our process starts with discovery, planning and strategy. We dive deep to understand your business, your market and your goals for the future.

We ask questions and we listen to your answers. Laying this foundation for your website is crucial to its success.

Next we take everything you have told us about your customers, your business and what success looks like to you… we combine it with our market analysis and data research… and we turn it into a powerful brand. And behind that brand is a solid strategy that will guide our every decision about your website. The content and message bring the brand to life with every word.

And finally we build. We design the website to enhance your brand and give a crucial strong first impression. We ensure that the user experience on your website is a breeze. And we develop it all on a platform that is reliable, secure and built for the future.

Six weeks… really?

Six weeks… really?

When we say six weeks, we mean six weeks. It’s not a number we plucked from thin air… it’s how long it has taken us to build hundreds of other exceptional websites. Here’s how it looks:

Week 1: we ask all the questions so we can get the information we need to make the project a success. Our brand strategists get straight to work bringing it all together… and then the fun really begins. Our designers are designing and our writers are writing… you’ll see the results of their work very soon.

Week 2: This week we are refining the message and perfecting the design. Your website team is in constant contact with each other to keep the project on track. We’ll be organizing your photography and videography now so we don’t have any delays.

Week 3: This is your first sneak peek at your website and content. Once we have your sign off for the design we send it straight to our developers to start their work. By now, your writer has interviewed your team and perhaps some of your clients to build those vital team profiles and client success stories.

Week 4: Alongside our development work, we are starting to add your content and images into your website. It’s really starting to heat up!

Week 5: Development complete. Content complete. Images complete. Proofread complete. Now we hand the website over to you… we’ll take you through every page and answer all of your questions. You’ll now have time to review every detail and we’ll work with you on any revisions.

Week 6: It’s time to go live! Once you are completely happy with the website – which we know you will be – we hit the button and send your website live. You can trust that we will be popping the champagne in celebration… and when the leads start flowing in, so will you!

Results you’ve only ever dreamed of

Results you’ve only ever dreamed of

Quite simply, the website we deliver will surpass your every expectation. It will say the things you always wanted to say about your business but could never find the words for. It will have a design that elevates your brand within your market. And it will bring you qualified leads while you sleep.

The thing about our process is that as hard as we work behind the scenes to make it all happen, you can get on with running your business.

You will always know how your website build is progressing – your dedicated client manager will take care of that – but you won’t be spending hours of your time every week on your website… that’s our job.

At the end of six weeks you will have a website that will drive your business forward. From there, the digital world is your oyster with new customers landing on your doorstep every week. Pair that with our ongoing digital marketing services or our digital marketing courses and you have the winning formula for long term success.

It’s really that simple

It’s really that simple

You can invest months and months in developing a website only to find that you have blown your budget on fancy features that deliver no value… in fact, they get in the way of what you are trying to achieve.

Or you could step back and let the experts – experts who have decades of real-world industry experience – get you to exactly where you need to be. And where you need to be is with a website that speaks directly to your target market… and makes them take action!

All we want is to get the best result for every client and we don’t rest until we get there. We make it look easy… but what we do is industry-leading… and for our clients – completely game-changing.

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