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Cathy Proctor

Senior Writer and Editor

Hi I’m Cathy Proctor.

I’m an author and digital storyteller.

I’ve worked in the storytelling industry for my whole professional career. I’ve written a number of books and for many years was a senior editor at Pan Macmillan. I love change, progression and challenge, so in recent years to switch to digital storytelling has been an absolute revelation for me.

Even though I work in words, my passion has always been to see the final visual masterpiece of the words, images and design working together.

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Sam Smith

Digital Storyteller

Hi, I’m Sam Smith. I’m a digital storyteller with a curious mind and enjoy finding the hook in a good tale.

Writing narration for TV programs is very much like writing for the web. It’s very active language — essential in the work I do for our clients at Brilliant Digital.

My background is in storytelling — I can take a lot of information and pull out the best bits. Finding the crux of the story is essential when you are marketing businesses in the digital day and age, where there is so much content on the web.

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Jo-Lise Finn

Digital Storyteller

Hi I’m Jo Lise and I’m a storyteller with a background in writing for TV.

I wrote short and long form promotional programs and directed and produced shoots. As a writer, producer and editor, I was lucky to work for numerous channels, including Channel 10, Showtime, Arena, Biography, and MTV. When you write TV promos, you have to be clear and concise. These are skills I put to good use when I write for digital media for our clients at Brilliant Digital.

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Amelia Kirby

Digital Storyteller

Hi, I’m Amelia Kirby and I’m a storyteller who believes in the power of effective communication.

The key theme throughout my professional career has been communication. I studied English Literature at university, and I have worked in sales, customer service and relationship management, mostly in the IT space.

Whether explaining an unfamiliar process, documenting project requirements or achieving business buy in— the right words written in the right way are important. Making connections is what I do at Brilliant Digital, helping our clients connect with theirs through powerful storytelling.

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