Breeanna Le, Project Manager

As part of the Brilliant Digital operations team, Bree works with our Sales Manager, client managers, and development team to bring all the elements of a project together. You could almost think of Breanna as our puzzle master…someone who brings all the different pieces of a project together to make a beautiful whole.

Connecting the dots

With a background in sales, account management and campaign performance management, Bree has a wealth of experience in marketing and operations. Having managed small advertising projects through to large-scale marketing campaigns, she knows that every client has a different story to tell, and a different way they want to tell it.

Whether it is managing a website build for new clients or an SEO audit for existing clients,
Bree is the driving force behind the project and our clients ‘behind-the-scenes’ advocate, making sure everyone and everything is working cohesively to produce brilliant outcomes.

Always improving

One of the reasons Bree is such a perfect fit for Brilliant Digital is that she never accepts ‘business as usual’. She is always looking for new ways of doing things, different approaches and outside-the-box solutions… if there is ever a better system or process to incorporate then she will find it!

This isn’t surprising when she considers herself a ‘self-improvement junkie’. You can see this in all that she does; always learning, growing and improving herself and her work, Bree loves Brilliant Digital because of the space it provides her to flourish.

Outside the office

When she isn’t deep diving into task delegation and project management, Bree loves unwinding by cooking a delicious meal and sharing it through Street Buffet, an organisation that supports homeless people in Australia.

An avid reader and yoga enthusiast, Bree loves unlocking her mind and learning about different ways of thinking.

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