How to choose a branding and digital marketing agency

Posted by Deb Croucher | November 18, 2020

Key learnings

  • Understanding your online brand landscape
  • What to look for in a branding and digital marketing agency
  • Why systems and processes are so important

If this year has taught you anything in business, it’s the importance of having a strong digital brand presence. An online focal point where prospects, customers and brand advocates can connect with you, without the limitations of brick and mortar businesses.

Think about how much time you spend online. Easily hours a day, especially now. Your audience is no different. You might have already invested in your digital brand messaging, only to have been let down by the results.

Maybe you didn’t get qualified leads…

Or the sales you made didn’t turn into repeat business.

Was the agency you worked unresponsive? … or over promised and under delivered?

These experiences sting. Or, worse still, they prevent you from focusing on what’s possible for your business online. You find yourself looping, day after day, in to-dos and important growth-focused tasks, so this falls off the top of the list.

Frankly, you don’t have the time or knowledge to solve the hits and misses, so you file it away under ‘I’ll get to it soon’.

You need someone who knows your high expectations and how to achieve them. Your first step: Understand your online brand landscape. Then you can choose the right branding and digital marketing agency that will get you results.

Solutions and skills to bolster your digital brand

Your digital brand is everything about you, found online. A Facebook post, Google review, website, YouTube clip, even an email. This all makes up your digital brand.


For cohesive, on-brand messaging across these platforms, it needs to be underpinned by various elements.

These include your logo and taglines, your content, images and videos, your brand’s value proposition, and core messaging that you’d like visitors to ‘get’ as they’re interacting with your business.

So, you need to ask yourself: “Can the branding and digital marketing agency articulate the most important information about my company and convey it creatively and confidently?”

Brand is the foundation that positions, directs and keeps your entire digital presence in place.


Next, does the brand and digital marketing agency have a strong track record in website development? Capable teams of digital marketing experts should have hundreds, yes hundreds, of websites under their belt, with services that cover every facet from platform, site-mapping, build, design, coding and user experience flow to SEO, and content writing and marketing.

Successful websites look great on all personal devices, are easy to navigate, engage and inform, evoke curiosity and encourage visitors to take the next action, while also ranking highly on Google.

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With an effective website, a good branding and digital marketing agency has the ability to deliver solutions that drive more people to it.

This is where a strong understanding of your digital communication strategy comes in, crafting the right messaging to the right target audience through digital media, to generate new leads and help meet sales KPIs.

Then, your digital media strategy gets the right moving parts in place to connect with your specific audience. This includes Google SEO, paid ads, social media (organic and paid), video production and YouTube search management, and email marketing.

A good agency will understand how to maximise all these strategies but more importantly, discern the marketing mix that’s in line with achieving your goals.

To achieve this, a branding and digital marketing agency will include a number of experts, starting with the person who holds it all together, driven by the big picture: the Brand Strategist. The team will also include brand writers, content writers, website designers and coders, SEO experts, social media, digital advertisers, video producers and data analysts.

So, to judge the quality of a branding and digital marketing agency, ask questions like these:

  • Do your writers work from a content plan?
  • What is your track record with Facebook ads?
  • How do you get the best ‘opens’ and engagement with emails?
  • How do you monitor and measure all key touchpoints?

A good branding & digital marketing agency = expertise, systems + commitment

As you’re choosing an agency, look for expertise and industry knowledge, plus focus on long-term results. What you’re looking for is results in your sector and clarity around your return on investment. The agency should be able to tell you this.

And it all needs to be held in place with effective systems and processes. With so many elements that go together to form a strong digital presence, there must be a proven architecture to keep it in place. Ask the agency about their delivery, task management and reporting methods.

It’s also critical to have a conversation about commitment. A good branding and digital agency will be a permanent or at least long-term partnership. Look into case studies, references and reviews to make your judgement… not fancy designs, anecdotal conversion rates, trend chasers or low cost.

The reality is a well-crafted digital brand presence is a lot of work. Good marketing is expensive. It takes time to build and a lot of manpower. But it’s worth it. And you’ll see it improve your bottom line, over and over again. And at Brilliant Digital, we love seeing sustained results.

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