What skills make a great brand strategist?

Our journey with a new client starts with a lot of listening… before we define your brand strategy, we need to understand your business purpose and your niche in the market.

We need to know who your customers are and the main problems they face.

Then we discover how your unique product or service solves those problems.

It is vital that we understand the vision and drive behind your business – what makes you and your team tick?

Defining the "What you do for Who and Why"

Once we have a firm understanding of your customers and their problems we can work to understand your goals…

we get to know what your idea of success looks like.

And this all comes together to create a coherent, effective and powerful brand strategy.

A well-defined brand strategy is absolutely crucial to the success of your digital marketing.

If you don’t get the key message of ‘what you do for who and why’ right on the website from the get-go you will fail. It’s all important.

Always address the customer's problems

The way we do this is to start with the customer.

And for us, this research begins even before we start working with a new client.

We want to know if you understand your target market and their problems – do you understand their hopes and dreams?

Once we have that insight, we can make sure that every message and every piece of content we create for your website comes back to the core of the strategy – it addresses the customer’s problem and how you and your product can solve it.

That deep customer awareness is the key to a successful brand message – one that will engage and resonate with prospects and keep them coming back for more.

Brand messaging through storytelling

Once you have a good handle on the customer’s problems, the next stage of developing the brand message is to create stories.

The business story, the classic “About Us” page that explains why you set yourselves up in business to solve your customer’s problems, comes first.

The personal stories come next – these introduce your team and let them explain, preferably in their own words, why they come to work every day… how and why they get a kick out of solving the customer’s problems.

Then your product and service story explains in more detail how your process works and how the end result, again, is a customer’s problem solved.

A skilled brand strategist is crucial to your success

These stories are the building blocks of your brand message.

Put them all together with your UVP (unique value proposition) and taglines, and the key messaging on the homepage of the website…

and you have your brand strategy.

A brand strategist who has the skills to work with a client to extract all that information about their business…

and layer that into a cohesive, powerful brand message… is essential to the success of your digital marketing.

Find out how we can put our skills to work for your business.

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