How does brand storytelling grow your brand online?

Posted by Deb Croucher | November 8, 2019

Storytelling is more than a marketing buzzword. Here's an interview with Deb Croucher.

“People are sick and tired of being sold to. They sift through a mountain of ads in their daily lives, but they’re becoming more discerning.

They have the ability to turn an ad off at the click of a button or scroll past an ad on Google or Facebook.

People are looking for something more than companies bragging to them. They want something to hold on to, something to like and engage with. And what we know is that people are naturally hardwired to like brand storytelling.”

Why is brand storytelling so powerful?

“In a nutshell, companies are fighting for people’s attention. If you provide consumers with content that they like, you have their attention. Once they become absorbed in your story, you can engage with them. You can develop an emotional connection. And that leads to building trust. Once that happens, you can market to them and turn them into customers.”

Where has this worked well?

“A well-known example is The Lego Movie – brand storytelling on the big screen. Lego saw a 20% increase in sales that year. That’s huge. The movie turned Lego into a super brand.

By telling a story that went beyond talking about the product, they got the audience’s attention.

They made that all-important connection. It snagged new segments of the market, who got excited by the brand and became customers. This is a brand that turned itself around with great brand storytelling.

Other stories have been around for longer. Consider the vacuum cleaner brand Dyson that started 40 years ago. Founder James Dyson told a story about making thousands of attempts at creating a bagless vacuum cleaner. That story is still on the website today and still works to grow the digital brand and connect with people.”

It’s about going on a journey...

“Brand storytelling is all about connecting with the buyer. If people can connect with a digital brand by relating to the story, it is the start of an emotional journey. It enables you to get their buy-in, to be more social with your digital brand. That’s when they are more likely to remember you and take action.”

This is great for companies with huge digital marketing budgets, but can this work for smaller budgets?

“Yes, it can. Let’s look at the example of a company we worked with at Brilliant Digital for over seven years, in the early stages of digital marketing.

This was a yachting company with a modest marketing budget. At the time they were trying to sell boats by focusing on the features of the vessels and it was boring.

So, we layered stories through their website and marketing content. We interviewed customers sailing around the world with their kids…

…and we interviewed the people who worked there to further foster a connection with potential customers.

We built a community around the digital brand. The digital brand grew year on year.  And we got phenomenal results on a small budget.”

Can brand storytelling work for everybody?

“Absolutely. I don’t think there’s a better way to grow a business. Most businesses have been doing it in some form for years.

Your sales teams have been storytellers all their lives, telling customers one to one what your product can do for them. The issue is that if your online presence isn’t good enough, your sales team doesn’t get the opportunity for one to one brand storytelling.

All the various digital platforms have to be telling your story in a structured, relatable way. Then by the time the customer meets your sales guys, they’ve already bought into the digital brand.”

It’s a new age of storytelling. You’re not just telling people about a product; you’re letting every generation connect with you through their own medium...

“That’s right. The platform you use to tell your stories needs to be the right one for your market. For a professional services firm, that might be a top end website, a lot of great storytelling material and a good presence on LinkedIn. But for the teen market, you might look at Snapchat to connect with your audience.

Brand storytelling is not new. But with digital media, you have the opportunity to tell stories in a massive way. It’s like storytelling on steroids! Tell great stories on the right platform and you’ll see amazing results. Good luck!”

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