Ten ways to grow brand awareness through digital marketing

Posted by Deb Croucher | November 22, 2020

Key learnings:

  • How to make your website and content work hard for your business
  • The content strategy that will deliver the best results
  • What to do… and not do to grow digital brand awareness through digital marketing

Whether you are starting out in business or trying to build your brand, brand awareness through digital marketing is a powerful thing. Through brand awareness, you can start to build trust with your potential customers and see a solid return on your digital marketing efforts.

But with experts on every corner telling you to try this or that with your digital marketing, it can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to do everything… and achieving nothing.

We’ve been using digital marketing to build brand awareness for our clients – many hundreds of them – for more than a decade, and we know a thing or two about what works… and what doesn’t.

Be generous with your knowledge

The traffic that comes to your website from Google organic search is free. And right now there are people – your potential customers – searching for information that you have the answer to.

By sharing your knowledge generously and answering your customers’ common questions through blogs on your website, you are inviting free traffic to your door and increasing your brand awareness in the process.

Harness the power of video

Year on year, people are consuming more and more video content online. And it is only going to continue to increase in popularity. For businesses, video marketing is a really simple way to show your knowledge and expertise and quickly build trust with your customers.

The good thing is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel to get skin in the game with video. Whenever you add a blog to your website, record a video of you explaining the concepts in the blog. Upload the video to YouTube and then embed that YouTube video into your website.

The benefit is that you are maximising the reach and value of each piece of content you produce.

Smart social media

You do not need to post on social media every day to grow your brand awareness. And in fact, posting too much could do more harm than good. To grow brand awareness through digital marketing on social media, you need to be smart and strategic.

You already have the content on your website with your educational blogs. This is what you can share to social media once or twice a week.

Post a short summary of the content and then link back to your website to drive the traffic to where your brand awareness will benefit you the most – your website.

Optimise for SEO

Creating content isn’t easy. It takes time and skill. And if your content isn’t optimised for SEO, no one will ever find it.

When you create the content for your website, be sure to include keywords that your customers are using to search for your products and services. Structure your content so Google can easily index it. And make the most of the meta title and meta description tags.

Nail your SEO and your potential customers will find your content through Google search for weeks, months and years to come.

Demonstrate social proof

You can talk about how good you are… but when your customers do it for you, that’s where the gold lies.

Case studies on your website help to build trust with your market. They show what it’s like to work with you and the results that your customers get when they use your products or services.

Reach out to your best clients for an interview and use the answers to build a case study. If they are comfortable, you can also record the case study on video.

Add the case study and video to your website, optimise it for SEO and share it to social media. Get that content engine working hard for you.

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Send engaging newsletters

Once you have a pool of interesting and educational content, you can start to send email newsletters every month or two.

In those newsletters, share excerpts from your content with a link back to your website.

With every digital marketing strategy you implement, you should be trying to drive traffic back to your website.

This is your digital home, where you control the brand and message. And it is where you are going to get the greatest conversions and brand awareness.

Organise a WebClass

In the same way that you should help to educate your market with your blogs, a WebClass is an opportunity to stand in front of an audience and give your market genuinely helpful information.

You are a subject matter expert and a WebClass is the ideal opportunity to show people just how knowledgeable you are.

If you don’t have the resources to host your own WebClass, you can also look to partner with an organisation – such as an industry association or a business forum.

Show your humanity

People buy from people. Your customers don’t want to work with a faceless corporation. They want to know the people – and the stories – behind the business.

The content on your website can show this. Not every blog you write has to be about your products and services. And in fact, if it is, you are missing a huge opportunity. Human interest stories about your team will go a long way to building trust and brand awareness with your market.

Whether it is a story about an extraordinary achievement of one of your team members or a personal story, don’t shy away from bringing your team to life through your content.

Educate, inform and inspire

This is the crux of how you grow brand awareness through digital marketing. If you are always on the hard sell, people will quickly lose interest in your brand… and move on to your competitors.

As a digital brand – and whether you realise it or not, by being online you are growing a digital brand – you need to be a good online citizen. You need to add value to the digital conversation by educating, informing and inspiring your target market.

Be consistent

Whatever you do, do it consistently.

The first time you post a blog on social media it probably won’t go anywhere. You might not gain any engagement the second or third time, either. But by consistently showing up and producing consistently good content, you will start to see results.

Consistency with digital marketing doesn’t mean doing something every day – you will quickly burn out if you do. Consistently produce new content each month. Post to social media every week. Send newsletters at the same time each month. Find a schedule that works for you… and then follow through with it.

Brand awareness through digital marketing… with the experts

Brand awareness isn’t something you will achieve overnight. It takes time. It takes commitment. And it takes skill.

At Brilliant Digital, we partner with many great businesses to deliver superb returns from websites and digital marketing. For every client we work with, we start by defining a clear brand strategy and message. And then from there we drive brand awareness through a strategic digital marketing approach.

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