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New Website Delivers Over 50% of Business in Just Under 6 Months

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on September 19, 2016

Linda and Tony Fitzgerald, owners of ATOS Framing didn’t realise just how poorly their previous website had been performing until their brand new website built by Brilliant Digital went live in March this year.

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Low Cost Website = Big Business Mistake

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on August 20, 2016

One of our old clients invited me out for lunch the other day after he had made the biggest mistake of his business career.

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The digital age makes getting new clients so much harder…

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on July 31, 2016

The good old days. Oh the good old days…

Jane, a possible client found out about you through a friend or by checking Yellow Pages. Jane gave your business a call (or dropped by your office) and chatted to your friendly receptionist who made an appointment with you.

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The Conscious Farmer – 700% increase in sales in one month

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on July 5, 2016

Conscious Farmers Kirrily and Derek Blomfield knew in their hearts that digital marketing was the way forward for their business, but were nervous about finding the right team to help them. They were holding back because they were unsure about the claims being made by search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists. They also felt somewhat uneducated about social media and didn’t want to take a wrong turn.

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One Audience – One Voice

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on June 30, 2016

In the old days when the initial contact a prospect had with your business was with a person… it was easy to adapt your pitch.

For example an accountant pitching to a start-up about company finances would have conversations about structure and how to set up their Xero account.

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Don’t be Scared of Niche Marketing

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on June 24, 2016

It feels really scary when you first start niche marketing. There’s a fear inside that goes something like this…

What if I miss out on all those valuable opportunities from the people I’m not marketing to?

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Successful Medical Marketing

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on June 21, 2016

Brilliant Blue re-built a website for a firm of Chartered Accountants. Straight away, a steady flow of warmed up leads began coming from North Advisory’s updated website. “Thanks to our new website, potential clients now clearly know what we are about.”

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Inform or Entertain your Online Audience?

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on June 7, 2016

The early days of marketing your business online were pretty straightforward. The only digital currency of any real value for business was information. For example a mortgage broker could simply provide useful and relevant information about home loans and some free mortgage calculators on her website.

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Your Story Is Priceless…

Posted By Deb Jeffreys on May 30, 2016

Have you told your story online?… Or are you wondering what the point would be? After all who would care about your story anyway? Maybe you’d rather clean out your inbox and take out the garbage than type out a page about your business journey to this moment?

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What’s your (digital) point of view?

Posted By David Biddle on May 27, 2016

Why do you believe you must invest in website ? For years businesses have been told they must have a website. Many have dutifully obliged investing in lack lustre content and a confusing layout. The result is often little more than a poorly designed and self-indulgent online CV.

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Digital Storytelling Success Stories

“The trick to successful marketing is to tell the story of a business in a way that an ideal customer understands and can emotionally connect with.”

Read about how we deliver this across multiple industry sectors

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What We Do

A Complete Digital Marketing Solution
Strategy – Storytelling – Design – Development – SEO – Ongoing Marketing – Social Media & Database Marketing

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brilliant digital team

Brilliant Digital Team

The whole Brilliant Digital team is fired up every time they transform a business through digital storytelling. They love watching their clients prosper and grow.

Meet the team.

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Digital Storytelling Blog

What makes a good product story on your website?

'It’s also important to know how their problems make them feel. If you can tap into how they’re feeling now versus how they’ll feel after you product has helped them, you’re able to present that emotional journey' says Deb Croucher (Jeffreys).

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Why it's important to be strategic about your marketing

If you want great results from your digital marketing and year on year growth… awareness of your online brand and an increase in your digital footprint… you need to think strategically. Deb Croucher Jeffreys explains more.

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Layering brand storytelling on your website

If you don’t have a great story behind your brand, then you're just another commodity. The best businesses are built on great stories. In today’s world, the first place customers will look to find out anything about your business is your website...

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