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Digital marketing is seriously powerful. But it isn’t going to be a saviour for your business… not unless you are prepared to put in the hard yards to gear up your business for success.

For us at Brilliant Digital, the greatest reward comes when we see growth in our client’s businesses knowing that we are part of that success.

If you rely on an architect to build your house, you aren’t going to get a great result. And the same can be said for building a website. A good website design will only get you so far.

Beyond the website design services of bringing the WOW factor to your website, you need a clearly defined brand strategy and well considered user journey… solid coding… and killer content that speaks directly to your market. When you understand the stages of building an effective website, you can save a lot of time – and money – in the long run.

Website design is so much more than purely aesthetics. A good looking website is one element… but a website that resonates with your market and delivers sustained brand growth is the ultimate goal.

Beware the SEO company banging its own drum about their expertise… without a lot of substance to back up their claims. They talk about ‘tricks’ and ‘secrets’ and ‘getting to number one’.

There is nothing mythical when it comes to bringing free organic Google search traffic to your website. In fact the secret is already out: it takes time, sustained hard work and commitment to deliver long term results with SEO.

A non responsive website is one of the greatest website design sins.
It is totally unforgivable.
Not only will you be punished by the Google algorithm, a website that doesn’t display optimally on all devices creates a terrible user experience.
Responsive website design is not something you can afford to ignore.

The SEO industry is full of sharks. And if you have been bitten in the past… you know just how much it can hurt.

If you want to do it well – and when it comes to SEO, that is the only way to do it – you really need an SEO expert on your side.

So in an industry full of sharks, how do you find the real deal? Save precious time and money with our tips to spot the experts who will help your business grow.

When it comes to running a profitable eCommerce website, the stakes have never been higher. The digital marketplace is more crowded than ever before… and the competition gets savvier every day.

But as high as the stakes are, the opportunities are even greater. Online retail sales are trending upwards… and with an effective eCommerce marketing strategy you can tap into this ever increasing digital market.

Wix? Squarespace? WordPress? You’ve likely looked into each option for your website. Essentially they all offer the same service – a platform to build your website on – but the biggest difference comes down to results.

If you’re looking for a good looking website design, they can all tick the box. If you want functionality, they all offer it to a degree. But if you want a website that will work hard for you – harder than any employee you’ve ever had working for you – a WordPress website is the answer.

Bad website content will get you nowhere fast. But you know that already. What you may not realise is just how powerful engaging, information and strategic website content is for your brand. Good content has an impact on the reader. It stirs emotions. And it builds trust. Good website content tells a story. And takes people on a journey with your brand.

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