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Social Media Advertising Continues to Grow

Posted By Deb Croucher on June 26, 2013

According to a recent Business Insider Intelligence Report, social media advertising consumes only 1% to 10% of ad budgets.
Interesting, media consumption has generally become more disparate but social media gets the attention of millions of us every day.

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Mobile PPC

Posted By Deb Croucher on May 27, 2013

Mobile PPC is the focus for everyone in the online advertising world this year. Smartphones and tablets are an integral part of daily life but as one gets bigger and the other gets smaller, it’s hard to know what to target to where!

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How do you choose a good SEO company?

Posted By Deb Croucher on May 24, 2013

You want to get your company’s website to the top of the search listings and have lined up a few SEO companies to interview.
In the vast majority of cases, good SEO is the highest ROI internet marketing strategy.
Many firms offer SEO, but how do you tell the good from the bad?

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Google Made Search Advertising Even Easier

Posted By Deb Croucher on May 8, 2013
Search Advertising

Google’s Enhanced Campaigns are now old news but they will shortly be the norm. In July 2013, if you haven’t already upgraded your search advertising campaigns to Enhanced, Google will do it for you so it’s important to understand the changes.

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Why use Google Plus for business?

Posted By Deb Croucher on May 5, 2013

Since its launch in mid-2011, a solid partnership has formed between Google Plus and business. The social media platform now has 250 million registered users, with 150 million of them active and ten million new accounts opening every month.

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Five tips for keeping momentum when creating content for the web

Posted By Deb Croucher on April 25, 2013

Internet marketing is a powerful direct communication channel that releases businesses from the constraints of traditional promotion. A company’s profits will increase dramatically when it regularly designs high quality content for the web that engages its audience.

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4 Expensive Marketing on the Internet Mistakes

Posted By Deb Croucher on April 21, 2013

Here’s 4 common mistakes business owners make when they think they’ll try marketing on the internet. Make sure your website doesn’t become and expensive online brochure no-one can find.

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5 SEO fundamentals for Profitable Internet Marketing

Posted By Deb Croucher on April 17, 2013

The best long term internet marketing results come from organic search. Your business’ profits can increase dramatically if your website is designed and developed using an SEO strategy from day 1.

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SEO Rankings Are Important But Don’t Forget These 3 Powerful Webpage Conversion Techniques for Total Domination

Posted By Deb Croucher on April 5, 2013

SEO rankings are crucial to smart internet marketing but the under-utilised, often neglected poorer cousin is website conversion.
Internet marketing experts around the world tend to focus on the Holy Grail, the big mama of online success… SEO rankings…

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How to Improve Your PPC Advertising Results

Posted By Deb Croucher on March 31, 2013

If you want to improve your PPC advertising campaign you firstly need to discover what is working and what is not.
Here’s how you can use Google Analytics to get the information you need.

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Digital Storytelling Success Stories

“The trick to successful marketing is to tell the story of a business in a way that an ideal customer understands and can emotionally connect with.”

Read about how we deliver this across multiple industry sectors

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What We Do

A Complete Digital Marketing Solution
Strategy – Storytelling – Design – Development – SEO – Ongoing Marketing – Social Media & Database Marketing

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brilliant digital team

Brilliant Digital Team

The whole Brilliant Digital team is fired up every time they transform a business through digital storytelling. They love watching their clients prosper and grow.

Meet the team.

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Women of the West Awards

Deb Croucher was nominated for “her inspirational leadership and strong commitment to flexible employment opportunities for working parents in Greater Western Sydney.”

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Video is a valuable part of a digital marketing strategy

If you’re looking for new ways to engage your customers and quickly connect them to your brand, then you will want to include video as part of your content strategy.

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Why tell your story online?

What if we told you that 80-90% of all sales begin online? For a business, that’s a pretty compelling argument to be there! In today’s world, if you are not online then you are invisible.

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