The core elements of a successful, lead attracting B2B website

The business-to-business format is different to B2C in many ways. If you run a B2B company, you’re communicating with, selling to and forging long-term relationships directly with other businesses, not consumers. The customer experience follows a different trajectory.. and so does the website design.

The ‘rules’ of digital marketing don’t always translate to B2B, so it’s important to partner with a team that can help you achieve sustained growth online.

Unlike B2C, your content might have to work within certain boundaries, based on industry regulations. You’re also more likely to have various audiences, from business owners to executives to board members.

It can feel overwhelming getting it right to even start. Or maybe you’ve funnelled money into a B2B website before, without seeing a return on your investment.

What you need is a team of website and digital marketing specialists to take hold of your business goals and execute a digital strategy to achieve it. We take care of your digital marketing so you can stay in your business-building lane and let your website work in harmony with everything you do in person.

You need a committed partner, not just ‘a website guy.’ Because this is what it takes to build a B2B website that speaks to your market and is an industry leader.


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The anatomy of a B2B website that gets results - real, money-in-the-bank results.

There are three pillars of a successful B2B website: Brand, UX (user experience) and Traffic.


It all starts with (and returns to) your value articulation. This is something that many websites in the B2B space don’t do well. Have you spent time understanding and articulating what it is that sets you apart? Do your website visitors feel it, as they explore the pages? If not, they’ll simply move onto a competitor. Your brand value is the heart of everything you do.

Is your B2B website in line with your market? Yes, it has to speak to possible clients, but don’t neglect to add a careers section to attract high quality staff. you invested in professional photography? Is your website populated with engaging, educational content across the various pages? Home, About, Team, Case Studies, Products and Articles are the must-have pages (and they should all flow nicely from one to the next).



B2B websites must be built with a different purchasing methodology. Buyer decisions are based on facts and logic, so they won’t usually happen with a spontaneous click. Your UX design should respect this, with clean, minimal, easy to use navigation. White space is the hero here, with robust coding. Strong calls to action lead visitors from page-to-page. It’s vital that you work with an experienced website design team that understands the complexities and opportunities in B2B mapping.


Of course, none of this matters unless the website is seen and rising through the ranks of Google. Your SEO, social media, advertising and database efforts should all collectively be improving your growth on Google.

Your B2B website should help build your brand, deliver more educated leads to you (aim for 10% month-on-month growth) and shorten the window between enquiry to sale. Measurement is an important part of a successful B2B website strategy. It’s about listening to what your users are ‘saying’ through their behaviour, then making adjustments.

So, does your website hit the mark? Watch and see it transform into an asset. Yes, asset.

Contact us to book a free B2B website consultation to discuss how we can help succeed online. B2B is our niche.

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How long will the process take?

We have built a proven process that we follow for every digital brand strategy we create. If you need a new website, the build will generally take six weeks to complete. Our teams work alongside each other, so brand, design, content and development all happen simultaneously. Your dedicated client manager will keep you updated every step of the way so you always know how your website build is progressing.

Will you produce all the content?

Our team of digital content producers have many years of experience producing compelling digital content that delivers business and brand growth. Our content team includes writers, video producers and photographers. We produce search engine optimised content on everything from luxury yachts to advanced manufacturing. We will produce all the core content for your website, social media and newsletters. Often product content like data-sheets is something clients already have and doesn’t need to be re-written.

How much time will me and my team need to invest in the process?

Our goal throughout our partnership is to make as efficient use as possible of your time. We need two hours from key team members for an initial strategy meeting, around an hour for a presentation at day 10 and occasional interview time for technical detail during the build. Once the core brand is created we generally meet once or twice a month for content planning and reporting.

Will I be able to manage my website after it is built?

We will build your business website on WordPress, which has a user-friendly content management system (CMS) for the ongoing management of your website. You can manage your website if you choose. However, when you pair your business website with our ongoing digital marketing services, your content marketing, social media, advertising, email marketing, SEO and website management will be in very good hands.

Who will be working on my brand?

You will have a dedicated brand strategist, project manager, content producer and client manager working on your website and social media, as well as our design and development team. Each member of our team is experienced and highly skilled at what they do.

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