About Brilliant Digital

Consistent success, measurable outcomes

The cornerstone of B2B success is solid partnerships built on trust and frequent, transparent communication. We create lasting relationships that make a difference. In fact, our very first client from 15 years ago is still with us today, and a significant portion of our new clients come from referrals by satisfied partners who happily recommend us.

We specialise in growth-focused digital marketing for B2B clients by enhancing their online presence and performance. Our campaigns drive awareness, engagement and quality lead generation, maximising return on investment.  We collaborate closely with our clients to continuously measure success and refine strategies, working towards their goals.

Our Founder,
Deb Croucher

Meet Deb Croucher, veterinary surgeon turned digital guru with a passion for B2B marketing. In 2008, Deb traded her stethoscope for SEO after teaching herself coding and successfully leveraging Google to power her own business forward. Drawing from her diagnostic expertise in animal care, Deb now applies her skills to digital business, identifying issues, uncovering opportunities and formulating strategies that lead to success and longevity.

When you partner with Brilliant Digital, you have direct access to Deb. Her extensive knowledge and experience, combined with warm relatability and straightforward communication style, instils confidence that your marketing is in excellent hands.

Pete Croucher,
Managing Director

Meet Pete Croucher, our methodical sales and marketing expert, heavily involved in both team and client interactions. With over two decades of experience as a business development manager specialising in addressing weaknesses and driving business growth, Pete now applies this passion to digital marketing. He educates and enlightens our clients and prospects on why it’s important and how we can help them implement it effectively.

Where Deb is the vision, Pete is the drive. This cohesive leadership team works in tandem to ensure every client story is a success story. Amidst the vast landscape of digital marketing agencies, Pete’s versatility ensures Brilliant Digital stands out in the B2B space.

Our team of digital
marketing experts

Our dynamic team can meet all your digital marketing requirements. From account managers and content creators to editors, designers, web developers and strategists, we bring decades of collective experience to the table.

In today’s ever-changing digital landscape, our diverse team of experts ensures comprehensive coverage of your B2B digital marketing needs. With all resources in-house, continuous adaption and education, we deliver efficient solutions and tangible results. Our exceptional communication skills make our team the perfect addition to your team. Think of us as your outsourced marketing department.

How we deliver

Powerful business growth solutions


Personalised plans driving marketing efficiency, lead generation and ROI.

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Strong online presence, crafted user experience for optimal lead conversion.

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Content &

Forge thought-leadership, drive traffic and build lasting relationships.

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Showcase your expertise and credibility to impress potential clients.

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Maximise online visibility and conversions with targeted campaigns.

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Regular, compelling communication to drive engagement and results.

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Case Studies

Case Study

Pilot Air

328% growth in website enquiries

Pilot Air, the compressed air experts for over 40 years, faced challenges with an outdated website and unclear marketing. Now, with an optimised website and strategy, they can focus on delivering premier products and services nationwide with a commitment to innovation and excellence.

Case Study

Acme Preston

Website delivers ideal enquiry with 30% annual growth

Acme Preston is an established leader in a fiercely competitive market. Their original website and marketing efforts did not yield the desired results. Switching to a custom-branded products niche and updating with a high-performance website has led to consistent traffic and enhanced visibility.

Case Study

James Cumming

Qualified lead targets exceeded immediately

James Cumming & Sons, a family-owned manufacturer with over 115 years of industry experience, previously lacked an online presence that matched their market-leading solutions. With an optimised website and strategy, they now regularly attract both national and global enquiries.

Case Study

North Advisory

50% year-on-year growth in organic traffic

North Advisory saves business owners time and money through streamlined accounting services and clear guidance. Starting as a local, small-town accountant without a website, they have grown into a national player offering an extensive suite of services with a complete digital marketing overhaul.

Case Study

Edcon Steel

100% growth in website-generated sales

Edcon Steel, once a local metalworking shop in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, struggled with an underperforming website and ineffective SEM spending. Now, as Australia’s top online steel and metal superstore, they’ve transformed their online presence, offering quality solutions nationwide.

Case Study

SED Graders

Effective penetration into global markets

SED Graders are global leaders in automatic oyster grading technology, cutting oyster production costs and increasing productivity. Initially relying on word-of-mouth advertising, they now have a new website and comprehensive digital marketing strategy driving qualified leads from around the world.

Case Study

Accounting For Good

30% year-on-year growth in organic traffic

The team at Accounting For Good delivers expert accounting services for Australia’s not-for-profit organisations, allowing them to concentrate on improving the world. Now, with a high-performance website and digital strategy, they’re reaching the right audience and generating qualified leads.

Case Study

Romar Engineering

100% growth in website enquiries

Romar Engineering, a leader in advanced manufacturing solutions, originally had an overly technical website with difficult navigation and usability. Wanting to enhance their online presence for global visibility, they invested in a new website that delivers increased traffic and qualified leads.

Case Study


Effective website supports tender applications

Gulaga Services is an Aboriginal-owned, premier commercial construction contractor motivated by people and values. With a website update that formed part of an extensive rebrand, their online presence and new sales collateral now reflect their high-quality work and community commitment.

Case Study

DEM Fire

50% annual growth in free Google traffic

DEM Fire, Australia’s premier provider of fire and essential services, once struggled with an outdated website that didn’t reflect its innovative solutions for the B2B market. Now, with a modern website and robust digital marketing efforts, they consistently attract high-quality leads.

Case Study

PSA Engineering

Effective website delivers qualified leads

PSA Engineering offers integrated and compliant engineering solutions for industries with a can-do attitude and a belief that there is a solution to every problem. Their new website is a powerful lead-generating tool that resonates with prospective clients while respecting their technical message and expertise.

Case Study


40% growth in annual online enquiries

OSA, Australia’s most trusted brand in optical network solutions and CCTV, once had a technically proficient website yet limited website. Now, with a new B2B website showcasing their capability and solutions, they’re gaining valuable leads and have joined the Hexatronic family.

Case Study

Water Cremation Systems

Launch of new product nationally and internationally

Water Cremation Systems offers a revolutionary aquamation solution for the pet industry.  Their new website was specifically designed to educate the market and introduce their groundbreaking alkaline hydrolysis machines to the target market. Google Ads helped to increase visibility and expedite results.

Case Study

Every Trade

Complete rebrand to meet the market

Every Trade was undergoing a rebrand, requiring a website and marketing strategy that truly reflected leadership in the commercial construction industry. With a revitalised online presence and new sales collateral, they are better showcasing their quality work and sustainable values.

Case Study


Website delivering consistent qualified leads

Dukes is a leading provider of commercial painting and remedial building repairs and has been transforming spaces since 1958. Their website didn’t accurately reflect brand identity or service capabilities and required its own transformation resulting in increased leads and conversions.

Would you like some

Every one of Brilliant Digital’s long-term clients started their journey with a simple chat.

Whether or not you decide to work with us, our founder, Deb Croucher, personally takes the time to meet with you and understand your company and its needs.

Be prepared for honesty. We don’t sugar-coat anything. You’ll get the truth, backed by data, strategy and decades of expertise.

After talking with us, you’ll walk away with:

  • A clear vision of the possibilities
  • Practical steps to make them a reality
  • Strategies that will deliver the best ROI