Ankit Darji

SEO Manager

SEO is a vital tool for any business. It gets your product or service out to new, targeted customers. Yet keeping up with SEO is demanding. It’s like trying to navigate your way through a sea of constantly shifting algorithms.

So, it’s just as well that Brilliant Digital has such an agile SEO Manager in Ankit.

He’s had eight years’ top-level experience in digital marketing and specialises in SEO.

Ankit began managing just a few websites for Brilliant Digital and now he and his team are managing well over 20 SEO projects at a time.

When your business is closed for the day, Ankit is energetically exploring new strategies and techniques to increase quality traffic each month.

Ankit chose to work at Brilliant Digital as:

“They are completely honest and dedicated to work in terms of communication. They focus much more on brand awareness. Brilliant Digital is absolutely brilliant.”

Ankit loves coming to work each day, where he’s with a team of talented, funny and dedicated staff. And, luckily for our clients, Ankit loves digital marketing and plans to be there for a long time. He’s fascinated by the continual evolution of SEO and discovering new ways to get the brand or product or service in front of the customer.

When Ankit’s not devising new strategies to boost SEO for his clients or researching the latest trends, he relaxes by listening to music. And with a family and a two-year-old son, he’ll still be pretty busy.

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