Angela Stephenson

Angela Stephenson, Digital Strategist


Angela is one of the most passionate people you will ever meet. She sees the possibilities in everything and gets genuinely excited about the results our clients achieve.

“I’m a big picture person. I’ve never been happy sitting in cruise mode just maintaining the status quo. There’s always so much more that could be accomplished!”


And that is why we have claimed Angela for Brilliant Digital. We love how her brain works, her innate gift for strategy and her 10+ years of experience in marketing, sales and advertising across multiple sectors.

Angela is our not-so-secret weapon.


“It took me a long time to find what I love to do because I use both the creative and technical sides of my brain. In previous roles, I’ve just used whichever side was required. As a digital strategist, I can use both, and I love it.”


Luckily for us, Angela likes working with us, too!

“I admire the team I work with, tremendously. I could sit down with a cup of tea and read our content producers’ work, forever. It’s beautiful on so many levels.

The technical team leaves me speechless with the innovative solutions they come up with to solve clients’ problems. Give them a keyboard and an internet connection and they make magic happen.

I’ve never worked somewhere before where literally anything is possible. The answer is never “no”, it’s always a discussion on “how”. As a team, I honestly believe we can accomplish anything.

Each and every person working with Brilliant Digital has been handpicked for their unique skills and experience. Each team member is sensational at what they do and they delight in breaking new ground.”


“Being a Digital Strategist at Brilliant Digital is my dream job. It’s the one I didn’t even know existed until I got here.

Brilliant Digital releases me to utilise all my skills, experiences and interests to aid our clients in achieving their dreams.

I am doing what I was made to do – what I love, and it’s helping people at the same time!

When a strategic plan I’ve been working on just blows a client away, when it gives them results way beyond what they expected – that excites me.


Brilliant Digital works with businesses for long term success. We will always get our clients some quick wins, but our big picture is to help build successful businesses that last the test of time. Businesses that create a legacy that can be handed on to the next generation. Over 10 years on, we are proud to still maintain a successful working relationship with our first ever client.

“Because we look at the long term, we choose to align ourselves with businesses that share our values of honesty, integrity and respect.

As a result, we get to work with some fantastic people and that makes our working lives positive and fun. We are genuinely delighted by our clients’ victories. Their successes are our successes. It’s an amazing collaborative environment.”


“Deb has been very generous with her time and her expertise, from day one. She’s a natural mentor.

Deb is adamant that each member of her team develops their own strengths and style, rather than just adopt hers. She is extremely nurturing and encourages self-expression.
Deb has confidence in us to do what we need to do and she will back us in our decisions – even when they deviate from the norm.

Deb actively supports a diverse working environment and encourages new ideas and processes. Her mantra is “nothing is sacred”; if there’s a better way of doing something, she wants to know about it. She encourages us to think outside the box and to back our own ideas. It’s incredibly empowering.”

And that’s another reason Angela fits in here so well. Angela is an ideas machine. She is constantly strategising new pathways to build additional benefits for our customers. Angela’s stratagems enable us to go the extra mile and create something unique for each and every client.

“Working alongside Deb has been one of my favourite parts of the job. I’ve learned an enormous amount just by watching her do life.

Deb lives out the values of Brilliant Digital. It’s just part of who she is. Having a mentor like Deb as I enjoy my dream job has just been the icing on the cake.”


In addition to working full-time as a Digital Strategist, Angela is also a mum and an entrepreneur. (It’s her strategic mind. She’s unstoppable!).

“Brilliant Digital is the only company I have found to offer truly flexible working conditions. Here, I am able to work full-time – which I want – but I work my hours in a way that suits my clients and my family. I have a job that I love and I can still be there for all the important events in my children’s lives, without guilt.

Deb has built a culture that steadfastly honours family life and work-life balance. I believe I am more creative and better at my job because of it. I also believe it’s important for my children to see me working on something I’m passionate about and learn that work is a part of life, and that it can be fun, too. I feel extremely blessed to have found this team.”

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