Angela Spiliotakos, Content Producer

My background is in communications and journalism. I’ve always loved writing and learning new things, so storytelling suits me perfectly.

It’s the process!

I love the process of storytelling – the concept, the research, the immersion into a new world with each client.

What I love about working with Brilliant Digital is that I’m not just writing one-off articles (although that’s fun too). By creating stories, I am building companies and making good things happen for them.

I’m building their brand and helping them achieve their goals.

Our clients are often family businesses, or businesses whose employees have families, so it feels great to know that my work helps provide for so many people around the country.

I’m never bored

Brilliant Digital initially intrigued me with the job title of ‘Storyteller’. They won me over though with the true flexibility of work hours and the sheer variety of writing work on offer. It is safe to say I am never bored…

As a child, I couldn’t decide what I wanted to be when I grew up – a writer, an archaeologist or a private investigator. I wrote self-commissioned reports on dinosaurs and I even had a magnifying glass and finger-printing kit – clearly, I was one of the cool kids!

As a storyteller, I get the best of all three professions. I spend my time investigating, researching and digging into company histories to find the best stories. And I get to write all day. It’s awesome.

Nailed it!

I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I hand over a piece that I’ve taken from conception to completion. It’s so satisfying knowing that I have successfully navigated that storytelling process and really nailed the brief for a client. I take pride in delivering above and beyond what’s expected.

My biggest motivator is coffee. Once that is happily coursing through my veins, the qualities that motivate me are loyalty, honesty and kindness. These are things I like to bring to my clients and I really appreciate working with a team that espouses the same values.

When I’m not writing, I spend my time reading or watching true crime documentaries (it’s the PI thing again!). I also love horror movies, my cat and really good coffee.

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