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Hi, I’m Amelia Kirby and I am a storyteller at Brilliant Digital.

My role is to tell stories for our clients to enable them to connect with their customers.

My background is in communications. I come from a predominantly IT environment, so I know the value of communicating effectively … how to connect with people, how you can take something technical and make it more relatable.

Connecting our clients with their customers

That’s the key thing that we do for our clients through storytelling – we connect them with their audiences and their prospects.

So when I’m writing a case study, an ad or a blog, it’s about communicating the value of what that client can do or what they sell.

Our clients often don’t have the skill set in-house to tell stories effectively. They might be able to create content for a website, sure … but our unique skill as digital storytellers is to help them get their message across consistently and effectively.

When we create content for Brilliant Digital we can concentrate on being strategic. We stick to a framework. We tell the client’s story in a way that will be most powerful, give them the best return on investment and deliver the best leads to them.

Storytelling has an immediate effect

It’s very rewarding when something works. When you tell a story that starts a great conversation on Facebook or you get great feedback about a case study … it’s very satisfying.

It’s a very tangible thing that we’re doing when we create stories – you can see an immediate effect. It feels very worthwhile.

And every day you feel like you’re contributing to a positive outcome for the client and that’s really great.

A like-minded bunch

I love the flexible environment at Brilliant Digital. I love working from home. And I love being able to have a rewarding career while still being able to look after my kids.

So I guess it just allows me to fit in all the components of my life.

We’re a like-minded group of people at Brilliant Digital. That doesn’t mean we all like the same hobbies or agree on everything …

but we’re all conscientious and we all want to deliver and do a great job. And we all like having a laugh and supporting each other. That runs through the whole team and that’s really nice.

Integrity in all things

Integrity is a huge value for me. It was a value at my last workplace as well. And it’s something I try to instil in my kids every day: ‘do the right thing no matter the impact to yourself’.

When you’re working in a small team to deliver an outcome for clients, it’s important to always be thinking ‘is this the right thing to do?’

As long as you are honest and truthful in everything you do, you’re leading your life with integrity. That’s vital for Brilliant Digital and it’s great to see that in so many of our team members.

Seek balance

Another value we have at Brilliant Digital is seeking balance. Working flexibly allows us to achieve balance … but it’s something you have to tinker with every day to make sure you’re giving enough of yourself to your job and your family. So it’s a daily mission to seek balance but I think it’s really important.

Outside of work I spend most of my time with two young kids, ferrying them around to their activities, which is delightful. I love great food. I love reading and usually have about eight books on my bedside table. And I believe the secret to a happy life is to always have a holiday planned.

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