Alexandra Nahlous, Content Producer

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.”
– Emily Dickinson

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word.” – Emily Dickinson
I can’t remember a time when stories and words weren’t immensely important to me. I’ve always needed to be involved with words and writing; it’s just who I am.

I studied journalism and worked as a journalist for four years. Then I discovered book publishing. For someone who’s always chosen books over TV or movies, it was the perfect industry.

Publishing encompasses all my favourite things. I love everything about it. The writing and storytelling, editing, caring for people, using my imagination and problem solving. It was a whole new universe and I was obsessed from the first.

I’ve been involved (I could never say working!) in publishing for 20 years. I’ve been an editor and publisher and I’ve won Australia’s most prestigious arts award for editors, and I can honestly say I’ve never got to the point where I’ve ‘had enough’.

Each book is different, from its author to its readership. Each tale has its own character and presents its own challenges. I’ve never encountered two stories that were the same.

The uncharted digital world

When ebooks emerged, the publishing world changed. If possible, it became even more challenging. Suddenly, there was this enormous platform of uncharted territory that could accommodate infinite authors and stories.

The challenges altered and the strategies became quests to unite the right book with the right readers in a world much bigger than what we were used to.

Digital marketing

I was initially intrigued by Brilliant Digital because of the emphasis on storytelling in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is fascinating to me in the way it assists people navigate the enormous digital world and find the experts, services and products they need to achieve their goals. It’s that connecting of people that I enjoy, helping two parties find each other to the benefit of both.

Client focused

The relationship we have with our clients is the single most important aspect of what we do. There are no cookie-cutter solutions here, because we deal with real people, supporting real families and employees with their businesses.

Each story is unique and deserves our full attention.

Giving clients a voice

My favourite part of working with Brilliant Digital is our clients. I love getting to know them and helping them find their voice. For each client, there’s a code to crack to get it just right. When you find that, everything clicks into place and the magic just starts to flow.

Perfect match

Brilliant Digital appealed to me from the beginning. The passion that Deb and her team share is contagious. The relentless pursuit of quality and innovation is inspiring. I love the emphasis on finding the right words and stories to help businesses grow and evolve.

Deb’s story resonated with me – I am also a mother, and I initially created my own business to provide myself with income and meaningful work that would fit around my family. I found the Brilliant Digital philosophy of ‘everything for the client’ matched my own work ethics.

Always learning

Brilliant Digital is a workplace where everyone is always learning. No one is content to rest on their laurels, although there are many to choose from if one were so inclined!

If we stick to what we know, we’ll never discover what we can achieve. Working with Brilliant Digital has been the most tremendous learning curve. I have learned so much about SEO and how powerful it is when layered and woven into stories in the right ways.

No limits

There are endless possibilities with Brilliant Digital. Our clients are so diverse, boredom is completely unheard of. We raise the bar with every project we undertake. We love to harness the benefits of new technology for our clients and our creativity is limited only by our imaginations. And our imaginations are second to none.

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