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There is a great deal of conversation surrounding the role of AI in marketing. The fact is AI is not that new in the digital marketing sector. Artificial intelligence has been influencing digital marketing for many years.

Although its early introduction was not overly successful, the bots’ continual improvement mean that AI now sits in an arsenal of other tools that professional content writers and creators use.

At Brilliant Digital, our content writers and creators use AI as a fast and efficient research assistance and ideation tool and pair the software with other AI tools for transcribing video and audio interviews into text.

Freeing up our professional writers’ time to better focus their energy and skill sets on creating more engaging content, strategic collaboration and creative thinking is improving our clients’ digital presence and keeping them ahead of their competitors.

As with any tool, AI has its pros and cons and it is essential to commit a layer of oversight on content output.

Content fact-checking, strategy alignment and evaluating engagement potential ensure the content supports the overarching strategy and goals of the business it represents. Peer review, analytics and proofing are still essential to quality content.

Our writers always come back to brand guidelines, character counts, technical SEO and risk management assessment as part of Brilliant Digital’s structured processes for content oversight. Applying this coating ensures our output is always in our clients’ best interests. Relying on software alone is like crossing a gorge on a rickety bridge.

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Engagement is the most potent measurement tool

Audience engagement is the most potent measurement tool in the marketing function. Measuring engagement and its effectiveness varies between industries and sectors. Companies in the B2C space will measure engagement differently from those in B2B.

However, the relevance of engagement is the most influential tier-1 measurement metric. Search algorithms target audience engagement, and this engagement grows more engagement, creating a butterfly effect through the digital marketing funnels.

Quality content that thickens a brand engagement requires human craftsmanship. The content needs emotional and persuasive triggers that activate an audience’s engagement receptors. Whilst AI can create reams of content, it lacks the techniques that truly influence a potential customer to start that all-important conversation.

This applies across the board, whether your business is a technical enterprise or a consumer-facing retailer. Humans ultimately make the decisions, and authenticity and trust are built by human beings.

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How does AI help marketing functions?

Many digital marketing agencies are exploring AI. It is a valuable tool in the performance functions of marketing analysis. At Brilliant Digital, I encourage our performance and analysis teams to use AI when analysing data, developing personas and researching ideal customer profiles.

However, regarding content and the creative elements of the marketing strategy, we have found that AI lacks the cut-through that professional writers and content creators produce.

The ability to speak to an audience in a language that creates engagement and leads to sales is a honed and refined skill that AI is yet to master.

ChatGPT, as an example, comes up with an average outcome based on an analysis of everything on the web – but being average doesn’t inspire action. It will fade into the background, especially as online content volumes increase.

AI doesn’t replace strategic and creative thinking and can’t create the nuances of engaging content like a professional writer or creator can.

There is no doubt AI has a role to play in the digital marketing landscape, and at Brilliant Digital we use AI as a tool to build efficiencies into our business. We remove repetitive tasks everywhere we can and free our team up to think strategically and creatively. And it is this creative and strategic thinking that gives our clients the edge in the marketplace.

As more digital marketing agencies and small businesses employ AI, we will see an avalanche of content across the internet. I see this as a fantastic opportunity for many of our clients to elevate their brands in an overcrowded platform.

As ‘average’ becomes closer to the norm, staying well above this benchmark creates a wider gap between competitors, and quality brands with quality content will have the upper hand.

Deb Croucher – Founder and Strategic Director – Brilliant Digital

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