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Changing digital environment

The way people use the internet for information on financial and accounting services is rapidly changing. Gone are the days when a mere business name and number in a business directory was an adequate call to action. People are searching for trustworthy financial advisors online – and they are hungry for helpful information.

It goes without saying that you’ll be left behind when you’re nowhere to be found online, or if your current digital presence is stale and unhelpful.

If you invest in a robust digital strategy to appear in the search results and provide key information your audience is looking for, your business will reap the rewards.

We are proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with a wide range of financial services clients to help their businesses rank in Google search results, to build trust through custom digital business solutions and to ultimately grow their top lines.

The importance of trust

In the world of finances and accounting, trust is everything.

Unfortunately, the finance and accounting industry’s reputation took a serious knock after the condemning outcomes of the Royal Commission Enquiry.

Realising the extent of malpractice that took place in the industry, people are reluctant to trust just any business with their money.

So, people really want to get to know the faces behind a brand and see social proof before clicking on ‘contact us’.

This critical element of trust is built through strategically building your digital brand and using the powerful art of brand storytelling and value articulation.

The result of an increased trust with your audience is reflected in your digital marketing numbers, which we provide in detailed analytic reports on an ongoing basis.

“We’re a very warm and friendly team… We’re not the typical, traditional stereotype of ‘buttoned up’ accountants, either. I’m a bit particular about language and have a view about how I want to present our company. In that regard, Brilliant Digital is great to work with.” (Kirsten Forrester, Accounting For Good CEO)

We know how to build trust

Our capable team of digital strategists is backed by years of industry experience. They know what it takes to elevate your digital brand in order to establish yourself as a trusted professional in the digital space and to ultimately deliver top line growth for your business.

Our team of expert content creators are masters at the art of creating compelling, search engine optimised content that builds a meaningful connection between you and your audience.

We know that your team is the driving force behind your business, and we want your audience to know them. We write engaging team profiles that make them relatable and memorable.

We speak to some of your most loyal clients to write heartfelt case studies – a crucial trust building element of your website.

We work smart and strategically with your advertising platforms to achieve brand consistency and achieve the best return on investment.

In short – helping your audience see your business as a team of passionate, caring individuals rather than a faceless, number crunching company will go a long way in establishing a trusted brand.

We can help you get there.

“Brilliant Digital understands the importance of knowing who your client base is and working to that. For my clients, my website is my bricks and mortar shop front. That’s where they decide if they want to work with me.” (Julie Nipperess, founder of Step Up Financial Group)

What to expect when you work with us

First, we discover your brand and get to the core of your business. Where possible, we visit your offices and seek to truly understand your processes, software systems and your business direction.

From there, we determine a strategic roadmap to capitalise on the perfect mix of digital marketing solutions that will cement your digital brand, establish brand trust, grow your top line and bring sustained results for your business.

We build you a website that incorporates a strategic brand strategy. Your digital brand will form the sweet spot, where your unique offering meets your audience’s needs. Our content producers are masters at the craft of synthesising complex accounting information and offering it to your readers in a format that makes sense.

Once your digital brand is cemented, we implement a custom digital marketing strategy that aligns with your business goals.

Our detailed data analysis and continuous reporting are genuinely useful. They allow you to make strategic business decisions based on concrete facts. We present these reports monthly. Plus, you have continued access to each aspect of your digital marketing results.

We can work with you to choose software solutions and booking systems that are market-led and seamlessly integrate through your entire business for increased efficiency and top line growth.

Partnering with you

We are deeply proud of the long-term partnerships we have built with clients in the financial services sector.

Our experts in digital marketing, content creation and SEO work tirelessly behind the scenes to create brand trust for you, increase your digital reach and maintain your digital marketing efforts for sustained results.

By placing your financial services digital brand in our capable hands, you can continue running your business while we strategically manage your digital marketing and deliver long-term growth.

“Thanks to our website, potential clients now clearly know what we are about. It saves everyone time, because the website filters the clients that are too big or too small for us and it also clearly explains to potential clients exactly what we do.” (Marius Fourie, North Advisory Partner)

Are you ready to work with us on achieving a tailored digital business solution to grow your digital brand? Contact us today.

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