Where most accountants go wrong

Most accountants realise if they want to market themselves online the first thing they need to do is a get a website.

Tick that box, they’ve got that step right.

What to do next is where they go wrong.

Many accountants then hire a web designer and they chat away about:

  • parallax scrolling
  • online booking systems
  • big images
  • complex navigation
  • responsive websites

Twelve weeks later a website appears. And suddenly they realise they’ve given no thought to the content to go on the website.

So they throw a few pages in, put up the website and…


The public doesn’t like it.

Google doesn’t like it.

And the whole thing is a complete waste of thousands of dollars. Because they have put the cart before the horse.

Creating accountancy websites that work

If you want your accountancy website to work for you, you’ve got to do it the other way around and put the ‘driver’, the horse, in front of the cart.

And the driver, the thing that will make your website convert into a steady flow of qualified leads, is the content that’s written on the site.

Design is important, but design should come second or third in your thinking process.

Start with strategy

Your thinking should start with strategy.

You need to sit down with a digital marketing consultant who has a proven track record of delivering a steady flow of leads from accounting websites into inboxes.

Sit down with that person and work out your digital strategy. The meeting should go something like this.

  1. Work out who your target market is

One way to do this is to write down your top 20 clients on a piece of paper.

These are the ones who give you the best return for the least amount of hassle.

  1. Work out what their characteristics are

For example, your target market might be:

  • small business owners with a high net wealth
  • honest
  • reliable
  • organised
  • female or male?
  • 20s / 30s / 40s / 50s?

Whatever it is for your business, work out who these people are and that’s your target market. That’s who you’re aiming all this stuff at.

  1. Identify the services you offer

Once you’ve identified your target market, you need to identify services you’re going to offer to your target market.

This is where a lot of accountants get too technical, explaining all kinds of ways they deliver services and all kinds of details their target market doesn’t care about.

What your target market cares about is:

“Will my tax return be done on time?”

“Can I jump onto my cloud-based software and immediately see in real time where my business is at?”

“Are you going to save me time and money?”

NOT the detail of what you offer…that is secondary information.

The way to communicate with your audience is to sort out the services you offer and write pages of content for your target market.

So, for example, your list of services might look something like this:

  • Accountancy for small business
  • Accountancy for service professionals
  • Self-managed super funds for clients

By doing it this way, you can clearly communicate to your target audience exactly what you can do for them.

Write compelling content

Writing pages of content for your target market is the way to communicate with your audience exactly what you do.

But the majority of accountants don’t know how to write for the digital space. And why should they?

Their main job is to deliver savings on tax, not write website copy!

So invest in digital content writing from someone who has a proven track record in making accountancy websites convert to leads.

Then you’ll know the copy on your website will deliver to you over and over and over again.

Then finally get to design

Once you have your strategy and you know:

  • who you’re marketing to,
  • what you’re going to say, and
  • you have compelling content written for all your pages…

…then you can wireframe out your site and work out what you want and where.

FINALLY, once you have all of these things sorted, that’s when you go to your designer and get them to work their magic.

To turn your detailed plan into a website that’s going to deliver results for you.

And create a steady flow of warmed-up leads to your inbox.

Good luck and have fun!

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