4 Educated Leads Every Week from Accountants Website

Chartered Accountants, North Advisory assumed that digital marketing wouldn’t deliver quality leads… so hadn’t previously invested in online marketing.

Instead they had relied on referral, which meant that lead flow was sporadic.

Relying on referrals also meant that prospects were only partially educated when they made contact with the business. So the team had to spend time educating prospects about North Advisory’s range of services and considerable expertise. This meant the time from first contact to closed business was often quite extended.

“Like many accountants we had always relied on referrals to grow our business. As digital marketing gathered momentum we felt sure we were missing out on market share because we had a very poor digital presence but we had no idea how to fix the problem” says North Advisory partner, Marius Fourie.

“Brilliant Blue created new core content on our website and implemented a digital advertising and retarketing campaign. Digital marketing now delivers on average 4 good leads every week. The leads that come from the website are warmed up and ready to do business – this massively reduces the time we spend pitching to new prospects.”

Brilliant Blue understand professional services

“Because Brilliant Blue specialise in service business and have a lot of experience in the financial services sector, the team immediately understood the market we were trying to reach,” says Marius.  “They spent time with us in a detailed strategy meeting. Combining the information from us with their huge experience allowed them to write exactly the right content for our target market.”

“Brilliant Blue created a new website structure so potential clients had a new way of searching for the accounting services they may be looking for. Prospects can now see the total package North Advisory offers, including services they may not have previously realised were available.

“Our old website didn’t reflect the changes in accounting technology,’ says Marius.  “We are now a virtually paperless office, thanks to advances in cloud accounting software, and our new website reflects this.”

Team interviews allowed Brilliant Blue to write engaging team profiles. These profiles convey the personality of staff members, as well as their qualifications. Potential clients now feel they can relate to and engage with the team members, and most importantly trust them with their financial information.

“Because of the size of our client’s businesses, we are effectively working in partnership with them,” says Marius. “Potential clients are looking for more than just an accountancy firm who will provide financial advice. Our clients want to work with accountants who they can relate to and trust with their financial information, and it was important that our website conveyed this through our team profile pages.”

“Overall the site is welcoming and people want to spend time on it – they feel warm about us and our services.”

Brilliant Blue also dealt with the technical side of the SEO. This technical skill combined with user engagement meant that North Advisory quickly rose to the top of page one. Ongoing marketing services include digital advertising and re-targeting.

Saving time for both our clients and us

Straight away, a steady flow of warmed up leads began coming from North Advisory’s updated website. The website delivered 20 new, high quality clients in the first year. And now in the second year the average is 4 leads and one great new client every week.

“Thanks to our new website, potential clients now clearly know what we are about,” says Marius. “It saves everyone time, because the website filters the clients that are too big or too small for us and it also clearly explains to potential clients exactly what we do.”

A partnership that delivers results on time

By working in partnership with Brilliant Blue, North Advisory finally have a website that:

  • clearly outlines areas of service, informing clients of services they were previously not aware of
  • was seamlessly delivered in a matter of weeks
  • reflects the changes in accounting technology
  • filters potential clients, saving time for both North Advisory and their potential clients
  • delivers 4 educated leads every week.

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