7 Myths Digital Marketing Agencies Will Tell You to Get Your Business

The digital marketing industry is full of agencies with a very small amount of experience who extract big bucks from clients in return for a lot of pain and no results.  Here’s 7 of the common myths they will tell you to get your business…

1. The 'Design is Key' Myth

‘Great Design is the Key,’ they say. ‘A stunning website with all the latest design trends will solve your marketing problems. Traffic will flood to it and beat your door down to buy your product or service…’

And pink pigs just flew by my window.

Great website design is important – it creates a great first impression and makes your buyer feel they are in the right place.

It’s like a great reception area in your office.

Gives a good first impression. Makes clients feel comfortable.

But a great design on its own means nothing. In the real world – no substance = no sale.

2. The 'Content is Easy' Myth

‘It’s easy to add your own website content using our simple to use content management system,’ they say.


Well it would be funny if it wasn’t so damaging to businesses and the website industry as a whole.

Three things to say. An ABC if you like.

A. Content is THE most important part of your online marketing. Get your website and social media content wrong and your marketing will fail.

Let me say that again in case you skimmed it. Get your website and social media content wrong and your marketing will FAIL.

B. Writing and structuring website and social media content that delivers educated, qualified leads is really, really difficult.

To be successful you have to follow a framework which involves:

  • Identifying your core values and story
  • Identifying your target market and their problems
  • Articulating how you solve their problems
  • Structuring the content in a way they can flow through it
  • Writing in a language that works on digital platforms
  • Remembering the search engines and optimising your content for them

C. Very, very rarely does a website company create a genuinely easy-to-use content management system. Ideally you want a system that allows you to easily be creative and move elements around the page while keeping the design integrity. If you find it, you’ve struck gold!

3. The ‘Facebook Advertising Will Fix it’ Myth

‘Facebook is the advertising platform of the moment,’ they say. ‘Facebook advertising will deliver incredible return on investment for you.’

Partly true.

Facebook does deliver the best value for many businesses in terms of low cost per click and the ability to reach new markets.

But Facebook advertising will only work if the core content on your website converts visitors into leads. Otherwise you are wasting your time.

4. The ‘You Need to Spend Money on SEO Every Month’ Myth

‘You need to pay us for monthly SEO to put you to the top of Google and keep you there,’ they say.

Trust me. You don’t. There is another way. There are 3 keys to SEO success. Another ABC.

A. Create a Google friendly website that is structured correctly following the Google SEO Starter Guide.

B. Fill the website with a lot of good content that your target market actually wants to read, listen to or watch.

C. Market the website ethically using tools like social media, blogging on quality websites, quality PR and database marketing.

That’s it. Set it up right and no tweaking is required.

The only thing you should be paying for monthly in the name of SEO is content creation.

5. The ‘One Scrolling Design’ Myth

‘One page is all you need,’ they say. ‘Everyone scrolls these days.’

Yes, it’s true everyone does scroll. But one page takes forever to load and fails to even begin to address Google’s Guide to SEO.

Goodbye to any chance of being on page one or having enough content to engage a visitor long enough to get them to buy.

6. The ‘Video is the Answer’ Myth

‘Spend money on a corporate video and you’ll get the business you’re looking for,’ they say.

And yes, video is very, very effective if you have nailed your brand messages and you can deliver a great professional pitch.

The trouble is that many people try to produce a video when they haven’t thought their brand messages through. So they spend money on a video that is all about them and doesn’t address their target market’s problems.

They don’t feel proud of it. It doesn’t work. And it turns into an expensive white elephant…

7. The 'I Personally Can Do it All For You' Myth

‘I will personally design and program your site for you and add the content and you’ll get a great result for $4000,’ they say.

Seriously, save yourself some time and pain.

Flush the cash down the toilet.

It takes a number of coordinated skill sets to deliver a digital marketing platform and campaign that has any hope of getting a return on investment in today’s competitive online world.

Strategy, content writing, design, programming, SEO and marketing are all specialist skills.

No one person can be up to speed to deliver them all for you. It takes a team. And a very good team at that.

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