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At Brilliant Digital we are strategic storytellers.
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We work with successful business owners who recognise the value of digital storytelling... but have struggled to find a team who can make it happen.


When you work with Brilliant Digital you can expect us to create a powerful online brand for your company and deliver quality leads and ideal customers. We will become a key partner in your success and provide a complete and ongoing digital storytelling and marketing solution.

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Who are Brilliant Digital?

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Meet Our Passionate Storytellers

Digital storytelling is the powerhouse of digital marketing. Stories grab attention and quickly build connection and trust. Stories also create memorable brands.

We have years of experience and a proven track record of brand storytelling and creating core content that gets our clients the leads they want. Our team of writers are skilled wordsmiths with extensive experience. Our video production team are industry experts. We have an ongoing training program to keep our team up to date with the latest trends.

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Brilliant Digital Success Stories

A Winning Start to the Year for Flagstaff Marine

In terms of how we’re going since engaging with Brilliant Digital, we’re seeing a lift in the market. There is a definite improvement in our enquiry and conversion rate… It’s been a great start to the year.’

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Steady flow of sales for beef farmer

There has been a dramatic increase in sales. In a short period we have seen a massive spike. Traffic in May was up by 700% and that delivered 42 new customers.”

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So much more than just a website

“We needed  a company who understood our strategy to target key areas of business growth…a company who knew how to help us get to these people via our website & social media.”

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4 quality leads weekly for accountant

“The leads that come from the website are high quality and ready to do business – this massively reduces the time spent pitching to new prospects.”

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Digital Storytelling Blog

What makes a good product story on your website?

'It’s also important to know how their problems make them feel. If you can tap into how they’re feeling now versus how they’ll feel after you product has helped them, you’re able to present that emotional journey' says Deb Croucher (Jeffreys).

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Why it's important to be strategic about your marketing

If you want great results from your digital marketing and year on year growth… awareness of your online brand and an increase in your digital footprint… you need to think strategically. Deb Croucher Jeffreys explains more.

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Layering brand storytelling on your website

If you don’t have a great story behind your brand, then you're just another commodity. The best businesses are built on great stories. In today’s world, the first place customers will look to find out anything about your business is your website...

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