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Brand Positioning - Online Strategy

Without a clear and effective strategy your online marketing will fail.

Our work with new clients starts with a 2 hour strategy meeting. A digital strategist runs the meeting with one of our writers and a digital project manager by their side. This initial meeting follows a tried and tested formula we’ve developed over many years.

We ask key questions so we can understand the business and its goals, their ideal customer, the problems customers face and the services and products the business delivers.

Once we have this information we create the winning strategy that positions the business online and delivers qualified leads.

Our digital strategist then sets the team in motion by briefing the content writer and creating the structure for the online platforms.



Telling Your Story to Communicate Value

Digital storytelling is the powerhouse of digital marketing. Unless you tell your story online brilliantly you will not get the quality leads your business needs.

We structure our clients’ story into core content – a combination of words, images (and sometimes video). This content is the gold that takes someone on a journey from casual visitor to educated lead.

We have years of experience and a proven track record of creating core content that gets our clients the leads they want. Our team of writers are experts with extensive experience who we train additionally to write for digital media.

Photographs are crucial. The right images connect with ideal customers and make them feel good about a business. We arrange and manage photo shoots using specialist photographers for specific applications.



Striking & Inspiring Website Design

Striking branding and digital design grabs and holds the attention of your ideal customer. Unless your digital platforms grab your market in the first few seconds… it’s game over.

Our design team specialise in all aspects of digital design and in particular bespoke websites. Our designs are clean, organised, modern and fresh.

Brilliant Digital websites give a great first impression and… very importantly… a great user experience.

Our websites are an appealing gateway, quickly and clearly directing potential customers to the information they need. They are flexible and can expand as much as the business needs.

We are SEO experts and design with Google in mind so clients get ever increasing volumes of organic traffic.



Build Website & Social Media Platforms

If your website is well built it will load fast and work well. Add in the right structure for the search engines and you’re on your way to a result.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our website coding. Our entire team are passionate about making sure that our clients’ websites work perfectly on every platform from mobile phone to large desktop.

We’ve programmed everything from simple 5 page WordPress sites to complex custom-built membership sites. We can create anything… but that said we don’t make it any more complex than it needs to be. Results are key.

Many of our sites include an integral blog so we can can add articles which grow organic Google traffic, provide content for social media and further position our customers brands.

We create the social media platforms our clients need to make the social media part of the strategy deliver.



Market & Re-market to Reach Your Target

Once you have a core platform that reliably converts to educated leads, you need to connect and re-connect with your market until they are ready to buy.

This is where we achieve rapid business growth for our clients.

For each client we choose the right mix of blogging, video marketing, podcasts, advertising and retargeting, competitor targeting, social media marketing and database marketing.

We measure carefully what’s giving the best return on investment and change our strategy accordingly. We also adapt rapidly to the changing digital landscape.

Working with Brilliant Digital is fantastic because they know how companies should embrace digital media. They have specialists in every area who work as a cohesive team.”
Rob Davidson, Water Filters Australia

Brilliant Digital Success Stories

12 months on - superb ongoing results!
12 months on - superb ongoing results!

“In between our monthly meetings Nicola is working behind the scenes, constantly tweaking our digital marketing to ensure we’re reaching new audiences, targeting our ideal customers and…”

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4 quality leads weekly for accountant
4 quality leads weekly for accountant

“The leads that come from the website are high quality and ready to do business – this massively reduces the time spent pitching to new prospects.”

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So much more than just a website
So much more than just a website

“We needed  a company who understood our strategy to target key areas of business growth…a company who knew how to help us get to these people via our website & social media.”

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Our marketing is the global benchmark
Our marketing is the global benchmark

“Educated buyers contact the sales team directly. We’ve had million dollar sales directly from the website – our yacht sales marketing is the global number one.”

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