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  • Overhauling an ineffective website as part of a brand transformation
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Gulaga Services is an Aboriginal-owned and operated premier construction contractor servicing some of Australia’s leading brands and government departments. Motivated by strong values, they infuse their heritage into developing meaningful and functional spaces for the community.

The Challenge

Gulaga Services partnered with Brilliant Digital for a rebrand and website update to better showcase their quality work and extensive services. In addition to being a leading construction contractor, Gulaga is dedicated to promoting Aboriginal participation in construction and providing sustainable job opportunities for all Australians. The website needed to better reflect these important aspects of their identity.

Brilliant Digital began by redesigning the logo and website, focusing on enhancing SEO and user experience. Following this, we continued to assist Gulaga by providing sales support materials such as capability statements and tender documents.

The result

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We undertook our work for Gulaga Services with a holistic perspective, adhering to a strategic plan that emphasised their long-term goals and objectives. Since the launch of the new website, it has consistently generated quality leads while successfully rebranding with a refreshed image that honours Gulaga’s values and heritage.

Brilliant Digital provided a full-service rebranding and digital marketing solution for Gulaga Services, drawing on our depth of experience and entrepreneurial outlook. Recognising Gulaga’s reputation for delivering exceptional work and customer service in commercial construction, it was essential that their new website and marketing assets maintained this high standard.

Rebranding strategy considerations included:

  • New logo creation
  • Brand purpose
  • Brand value proposition
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand voice
  • Typography
  • Brand graphics
  • Brand assets
  • Brand guidelines

Digital branding execution included:

  • Brand purpose
  • Brand value proposition
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand voice
  • Typography
  • Brand graphics
  • Brand assets
  • Brand guidelines

Brilliant Digital provided a new B2B website engineered for results, conducting an extensive analysis to understand Gulaga’s identity, objectives and target audience while aligning its established history and values with future goals.  Gulaga Services now has a contemporary website that is both functional and visually appealing, serving as a valuable asset to the company’s sales efforts.

Website strategy considerations included:

  • Alignment with the brand identity
  • Connection with the target markets
  • Clarification of the value proposition with supporting social proof
  • Website positioning
  • Website architecture
  • Website structure
  • Product structure
  • Website SEO plan
  • UX and UI plan
  • Website conversion plan

Website services and execution included:

  • Website design
  • Website coding
  • Prototyping and wire-framing
  • Website content
  • SEO execution
  • Photography and videography
  • Testing and iteration
  • CMS development
  • Data dashboard creation
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Launch, hosting and maintenance

A well-crafted website can draw in traffic and leads, but turning those leads into conversions depends on the dedication of the business and its team. At Brilliant Digital, we created industry-specific capability statements and other sales materials for Gulaga Services, providing compelling evidence and social proof to support sales efforts.

Capability statement strategy considerations included:

  • Gaining a deep insight into industry, target market and competitive landscape
  • Identifying unique selling points
  • Target audience analysis
  • Ensuring branding alignment regarding tone, style and visual identity
  • Incorporating social proof

Capability statement execution included:

  • Designing an eye-catching layout and format
  • Writing and structuring compelling content
  • Selecting appropriate visual imagery
  • Tailoring content and visuals for different sector audiences

The team at Brilliant Digital have expertly navigated us in weaving our brand, vision and values through our digital footprint, from our newly built website to SEO and branding. They made the whole process easy to understand and implement and we’re seeing success already. We would recommend Brilliant Digital to SMEs looking to build an online presence, grow and communicate with broader markets.

John Cumming

When we came to Brilliant Digital, the selling point for us was the strategy. It wasn’t just about building a website, it was about having a philosophy. The results confirm this was the right approach.

Hugh Edmunds

I would recommend Brilliant Digital as a digital marketing agency to my peers because they truly understand how to use data to get results in the B2B space.

Martin Wyllie

As a result of the brand and SEO strategy, enquiries are in and around our core competencies and drive the sort of work that we want.

Alan Lipman

For me, it is vital to understand where we are getting a return on investment. We have a great partnership with Brilliant Digital – they explain the numbers so we understand what’s working and what’s not. We can then decide where we need to invest our time and money.

Craig Hannam

The leads that come from the website are warmed up and ready to do business. This massively reduces the time we spend pitching to new prospects.

Marius Fourie

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